Third in amazing tale of resilience and survival.

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Having gained her freedom from an abusive situation this naïve woman looked forward to a peaceful and contend life with her young son. But life, lust and fate had other ideas. Besides the hardships of single parenthood when it was socially unacceptable she had to also endure continuing unwanted attention from both men and women. Lesbian violence, pimp intimidation, rampant jealousy, gunman, love, lust, homelessness, financial difficulties and a host of other situations led to several serious suicide attempts. Her salvation lay with her son and those few wealthy, highly positioned and powerful individuals she was privileged to meet. Nevertheless, wherever she turned a challenge always faced her.

This is the second book in an abridged series recording this amazing life.



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‘Her memories of her homeland were of kind people who supported each other; where there was no abuse and where people don’t take advantage of others. But time and events change places and people. ……….
……… But the story is not just about Ms Robinson’s experiences. It also tells of how the government authorities let many people down and how families and friends neglect and take advantage of their loved ones. ……….
I highly recommend Lost Dreams, and the first two books of the trilogy Tear of Innocence and Negative Beauty, for insight into one woman’s battle with the setbacks in her life.’